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Doll Contests

-post contests for dollers to enter-

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Okay! Here's the deal! This community is only for advertising doll contests. After all, we all need all the exposure and ideas we can get, so whether you're looking for entries or for something to enter, this is for you.

You don't have to join to post, but you can ONLY post ONE advertisement per contest and it must follow this form:

Name of Contest:
Start Date:
End Date or End Entry Number:
Description of Contest:
URL of Contest:
How to Submit:
Other Info:

and you may also post example dolls and/or a contest banner pertaining to this contest.. but if you do so you must include base credit with a LINK, not just a site name. The only exception is base edit contests where the base is your own.

Any kind of contest is allowed to be posted, but if your example doll would be rated over PG, please hide it behind a cut with a warning about it's content. (For example; Warning: blood!)

For inspired by the picture contests, please just link to the page on your site with the pictures on it, or hide them behind a livejournal cut. If you don't know how, just put the link to the page, okay?

Please do not post your entries to this journal or in comments here, but send them to the people holding the contest some other way. You may ask questions through the message boards, but do not say things like 'I'm going to enter!' or 'Cool contest idea!'. Let the person know you will enter by sending them your entry, okay? Bear in mind that because you don't need to join to post, not everyone will check back here in case you do ask a question.