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» (No Subject)
Name of Contest: Fairy Doll Contest.
Start Date: 11/29/05
End Date or End Entry Number: December 10th. (Wrong on site.)
Description of Contest: Make a fairy with a theme such a tooth fairy and make up your own theme
URL of Contest: http://www.neopets.com/~Rikuru16
How to Submit: Post your entry under my livejournal post saying "Post entries here" or neomail me the link at arisuno or ambbms
Rules: Posted on site.
Other Info: Please join. I only have one entry!
» (No Subject)
Name of Contest: recolor_magic
Start Date: Yesterday.
End Date or End Entry Number: Friday.
Description of Contest: It's a recolor contest. The mod shows the community a base, then they go off and recolor the base into something pretty. Right now, we have a My Little Pony base, and a Doll base.
URL of Contest: See above. It's the first entry.
How to Submit: It's on the userinfo of the community.
Rules: On the userinfo.
Other Info: Thanks! I'd love to see some of you there!
» Princess Maker 2 Contest
Name of Contest: Princess Maker 2 Contest
Start Date: October 1st
End Date: October 31st
Description of Contest: Create a doll based on the main character(Olive) or a prominent NPC (Cube, someone at the palace, one of your Rivals--but NOT the tea fairies,a teacher, the father, bandits, etc, EXCEPT as additions to a main character) from the life-simulation game Princess Maker 2.
URL of Contest: http://home.comcast.net/~hizafae/
How to Submit: Via E-mail. Details on my website.
1. No frankendolling, no tracing of existing images.
2. Free base except for frankendolled.
3. Two dolls per entry, two entries per person.
4. Keep animation and backgrounds minimal.
5. Image size between 40x80 and 350x350.
6. File format: transparent gifs. Bmp files with neon green background are ok. No other formats!
7. Signature is ok.
8. Feel free to show off your dolls.
9. No outfits containing nudity will be accepted.
10. Feel free to use your imagination on details you cannot see in pictures.
Other Info: Links to references and such are on my website.
» Hello!
Okay, hi! This is the first post.. please go to the community info for rules on posting, etc. Thanks. <3
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